Paper Engineer Matthew Shlian

An amazing video by Ghostly International featuring paper engineer Matthew Shlian. Matt transforms sheets of paper into complex dimensional angels and shapes that dazzles you. His paper folding techniques are a visual masterpiece that is rooted in basic geometry and sometimes inspired by electronic music. Matthew Shilan works at The Ghostly Store:

Take a break with Patatap

Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit collaboration created by designer/programmer Jono Brandel and music composers Lullatone. The Patatap app allows users to create a melodic series of sounds and visual patterns using your desktop, laptop or mobile keyboard. To play, press any key from A to Z or the spacebar to change options. […]

29 Ways to Stay Creative

Check out this video called “29 Ways to Stay Creative” by TO-FU. Enjoy! Tell us how you stay creative in this complex modern world.

Creative Hearts Inspirations

Below are a few creative hearts inspirations to help celebrate Valentines Day. Media BBC Radio 4: I Heart Milton Glaser Valentine’s Day DIY Destination art: Rustic Love – Valentines Day Tutorial Los Angeles Times: Skip the hype: Whip up a D.I.Y. Valentine’s Day Twig & Thistle: A DIY Valentine Heart Wreath for Fossil History […]

2010 AIGA Gain Conference Title Sequence

2010 AIGA Gain Conference title sequence work by Gretel and Copilot Music is fantastic. Check it out!