African American Women: Elizabeth Keckley

Elizabeth Keckley, born a slave in Virgina, rose to become an historic African American dressmaker for the White House during the 19th century. Mrs. Keckley designed and created dresses for Mary Todd Lincoln, the wives of Robert E. Lee, Stephen Douglas, Jefferson Davis and others. In celebration of International Women’s Day and conclude Black History month. […]

African American Women: Jackie Ormes

Ms. Jackie Ormes, born Zelda Marvin Jackson was a pioneer African American artists famous for her comic strip series, “Torchy Brown”, “Candy” and “Patti-Jo ’n Ginger”. Her illustrated stories provided a positive and critical viewpoint of America during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Other articles:,, NPR & Jackie Ormes site To celebrate Black […]

African American Women: Elizabeth Tex Williams

Elizabeth Tex Williams born in 1924, was an official army photographer in the WAC (Women’s Army Corp). Her 26 year career included lab technician, medical photographer and graduate of the Photo Division School in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. Photo source: To celebrate Black History, each week we will be featuring famous African American women. […]

African American Women: Eslanda Robeson

Eslanda (“Essie”) Goode Robeson was born on December 12, 1896 in Washington, DC. She was wife and business manager of Paul Robeson, an American anthropologist, author, actor, photographer and activist. Eslanda Robeson Event Timeline: • 1930 Published her first book, a biography of her husband: Paul Robeson, Negro • 1937 Graduated from the London School […]

African American Design Pioneers

These African American design pioneers created many influential works throughout the United States of America. Projects such as paintings, sculptures, commercial products and apparel, provided inspiration and tools to success. While some of these great visionaries are no longer with us. Their legacy and the work they developed will go on to motivate generations to […]