Spring is here so…Start weeding!

Spring has finally arrived and it is a great time to start cleaning. If you are like most of the population, myself included. You’ll find that we all tend to collect too much stuff over time. We acquire things for all kinds of reasons, from emotional to practical ones, but holding on to things past […]

Eclectic Interior Redesign

This eclectic interior redesign project located in South Anchorage was influenced by the home owners beautiful collection of objects from around the world. The jewel tone colors, wood finishes and textural accents provide a harmonious glow. A perfect place to relax with family and friends. More photos posted on our facebook page. Contact us if […]

Shabby Chic in the Last Frontier

This shabby chic redesign makes you wanna say ah! All of the elements within the space work together in casual harmony. From the earth tone accessories to the rich black & white basics, each element within provides a relaxed room for ease. Interior project team: Jill King – project manager and designer

Custom Interior Stairs in Alaska

Custom Interior Stairs in Alaska A custom interior staircase designed by Jill King, co-owner of Red Carrot Design and fabricated by Dunlap Builders in Anchorage. This custom staircase was the primary focal point for a new home construction project located in South Anchorage. The bent wood woven planks, metal posts and color accents provide a […]

Colorful Interior With A Bang

Colorful Interior With A Bang…Color is not your enemy! Color is an inspiration that will set the tone for your entire space. If you look carefully at how color is used within nature, you will see a bounty of inspirations that we all appreciate. Many of those same natural color palettes can also be applied […]