Could Your Business Use a Design Makeover?

The design you use in your marketing makes thousands of impressions on customers and prospects over the course of a year. When you have great visuals, it’s easier for people to trust you, believe in the quality and value you’re offering, and see themselves using your products and services. This dynamic works both ways. If […]

How Good Design Makes an Impact on Your Business

Is good design something that’s “nice to have,” or a difference-maker in your business? That’s an important question, because the answer you give says a great deal about whether your company’s visual identity and marketing pieces are going to help you to get the kinds of results you need. The right combinations of colors, images, […]

3 Reasons for a Mobile-Friendly Website

The odds are good that you’ve already heard the advice to upgrade to a mobile-friendly website. And, if you’re like a lot of the business owners and marketing managers we work with, you’ve thought that it would be nice to do so. In other words, embracing mobile computing and mobile marketing is something most Alaska […]

Email Tips for Professionals Part 2

Every email interface gives the same amount of real estate on the screen to each message. This tricks our brain into thinking every email is equally important. Consciously we know this is wrong, but it’s hard for our subconscious to differentiate the messages. Unorganized email messages costs us time. 90 seconds for every interruption, to […]

Email Tips for Professionals Part 1

Managing email has always been a time intensive task. An average professional gets 110 emails per day, not spam just real emails. Email is the first thing we focus on when we get to work and then get sucked in. It becomes our default #1 priority. The problem is email is a to-do list other […]