Email Tips for Professionals Part 1

email tips for professionals

Managing email has always been a time intensive task. An average professional gets 110 emails per day, not spam just real emails.

Email is the first thing we focus on when we get to work and then get sucked in. It becomes our default #1 priority.

The problem is email is a to-do list other people can write on. So when “doing email” is your main focus, you’re letting other people dictate your priorities! The only way to combat this is using the Scan-Block-Ask system:

  • Scan your Inbox for urgent and important items, and take care of them first thing in the morning. Then close your Inbox and work on your top priorities.
  • Block 30-60 minute appointments on your calendar later in the day for processing email.
  • Ask yourself if clearing your Inbox is the best use of time right now if you get sucked into “doing email”.

To make it easier, set up a 1 hour daily appointment at 1pm to clear your Inbox. Do it right now! You will thank yourself later.

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Reference: How to Outsmart Your Inbox – 25 Email Tricks for Busy Professionals by SaneBox