Email Tips for Professionals Part 2

email tips for professionals

Every email interface gives the same amount of real estate on the screen to each message. This tricks our brain into thinking every email is equally important.

Consciously we know this is wrong, but it’s hard for our subconscious to differentiate the messages. Unorganized email messages costs us time. 90 seconds for every interruption, to be exact. There are 3 kinds of emails:

  • Urgent/important: deal with these right away
  • Non-urgent/important: these can wait
  • Unimportant: these should be archived or deleted in bulk. Unfortunately these emails comprise 58% of an average Inbox.

Prioritizing your email messages will help improve your time! So how do you do this?

I recently started using email management service from SaneBox.

SaneBox will automatically filter unimportant email messages info separate folders so you can archive or delete them when you have time.

You can also move non-urgent/important email messages into snooze folders and they will reappear in your Inbox when you’re ready.

Then only your important email messages will be left in your Inbox each day.

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Reference: How to Outsmart Your Inbox – 25 Email Tricks for Busy Professionals by SaneBox