Furniture from Recycled Electronics

I have to admit a bit of ignorance about using recycled electronics as furniture. Curious about the topic I fired up my browser and did a little searching online. After scanning the results and reading a few articles. It appears that some of our old electronic products discarded in the U.S landfills do eventually end up in third world countries. Mainly for economic reasons where the labor to dismantle the electronic items are cheaper. These unethical practices are done in locations and facilities where conditions are poor and create extremely hazardous working conditions. An unimaginable scenario in my opinion. So, lets lighten the mood a bit and consider other alternatives.

Why not reuse or reclaim old electronics and used them for furniture. Great idea right? Check out these recycled electronics below.

recycled electronics: table

Crunching Numbers G4 Table

recycled electronics: table

Binary Low Table

recycled electronics: stool

Stool-sculpture design

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