How Good Design Makes an Impact on Your Business

Is good design something that’s “nice to have,” or a difference-maker in your business?

That’s an important question, because the answer you give says a great deal about whether your company’s visual identity and marketing pieces are going to help you to get the kinds of results you need. The right combinations of colors, images, and layouts can influence buyers and colleagues in a subtle-but-powerful way. Conversely, companies that treat design as an afterthought often struggle to build a strong brand identity.

The real power of good design – in a bottom-line sense – is and how it can help you to create strong first impressions. When someone sees your logo, your website, or your printed marketing piece, they are struck by the look and feel of it before they ever notice the text or messaging.

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In that half an instant, they start to make quick decisions about:

Whether you might be the right or wrong vendor for them – whether we realize it or not, we are all naturally attracted to things that are beautiful. They hold our attention longer, and tend to last in our memory. Beauty is subjective thing, of course, but the more warm, striking, and interesting your layout and visuals are, the easier it is for customer to become interested in working with you, or trying one of your products.

Whether your quality and credibility are up to their standards – in fractions of a second, each of us makes judgments about what we will and won’t trust or believe. Often, these impressions are formed based on what our eyes tell us. That’s why good design on your marketing piece is like a good suit on a business person – it inspires credibility and trust in the quality of what is being offered.

How much value they place in your products or services – the first impressions your design makes are so powerful that they can affect things like price negotiations and referrals later in the business relationship. That’s because few people want to be associated with something that seems “cheap” or “low-quality,” and those qualities are ones we mentally associate with bad design.

Again, it’s important to note that these impressions usually take place quickly and subconsciously. Potential buyers, colleagues, and vendors don’t think about what your design means to them, they just react to it.

With good design, you’re always beginning new business relationships with a sense of trust, value, and credibility. With boring or uninspired design, you come off as just another business “trying to sell something.” Because impressions are made quickly, the advantage of good design is often hidden in plain sight… but that doesn’t mean it can’t make or break your marketing.

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