2010 AIGA Gain Conference Title Sequence

2010 AIGA Gain Conference title sequence work by Gretel and Copilot Music is fantastic. Check it out!

Archangel Mascot Reborn

Archangel Mascot Reborn! The redesigned Lumen Christi High School archangel has all of the strength, character and flexibility that the previous art lacked. The updated design includes the Lumen Christi red, blue and gray school colors and most of the original mascot elements but with a new graphic style.

Colorful Interior With A Bang

Colorful Interior With A Bang…Color is not your enemy! Color is an inspiration that will set the tone for your entire space. If you look carefully at how color is used within nature, you will see a bounty of inspirations that we all appreciate. Many of those same natural color palettes can also be applied […]

Easy Rider

While eating breakfast and scanning my online creative resources this morning. I stumbled across a unique “easy rider” bamboo bike, designed by Calfee Design. They produce carbon and bamboo bicycle style frames. Yep, you read that right. Bamboo. According to the Calfree online product details, the bamboo they use for their bike frames  provide a […]

Talent Is Not Enough To Be A Designer

If you are new to design or even a seasoned professional like myself, then I highly recommend reading Shel Perkins recent book Talent is Not Enough: Business Secrets For Designers, published in 2010 by New Riders. Mr. Perkins book, in its second edition, covers everything from career options for creative professionals to small business tips, […]