Email Tips for Professionals Part 2

Every email interface gives the same amount of real estate on the screen to each message. This tricks our brain into thinking every email is equally important. Consciously we know this is wrong, but it’s hard for our subconscious to differentiate the messages. Unorganized email messages costs us time. 90 seconds for every interruption, to […]

Email Tips for Professionals Part 1

Managing email has always been a time intensive task. An average professional gets 110 emails per day, not spam just real emails. Email is the first thing we focus on when we get to work and then get sucked in. It becomes our default #1 priority. The problem is email is a to-do list other […]

Gift Ideas for Designers

Hello everyone, this month we wanted to share a few gift ideas for the designer in your life. If you are like me, trying to find a unique or special gift can be stressful or time consuming. The gifts below are a perfect choice for technophiles, collectors or professionals. Enjoy! Letter Marquee Wall Light PBteen […]

Designer Insights Cary M King

Hello Red Carrot Desgin fans! I had a unique opportunity to be interviewed by Terry’s Blinds, a local retail store in the UK. Designer Insights is an online blog that features designers and design enthusiasts throughout the world, showcasing their creative process, background and design inspiration. Designer Insights with Cary M. King 1) In your […]

Street Artists Create Open Air Museum

Street artists create open air museum in a small Tunisian village on the north coast of Africa. 150 artists from 30 nationalities travel to the village of Erriadh Djerba (Tunisia) to share their creative talents with the local community. This open-air museum, is a trans-formative visual experience shared by artists from around the world. The […]