Interior Decorating Services

Great interior design isn’t just about changing decorations – it’s about bringing your space to life!

As an Art school graduate, experienced visual consultant, and certified interior decorator, Jill King brings a unique eye to homes and offices throughout the Anchorage area. By walking her clients through every stage of the interior services process – from the initial concept to budgeting, procuring, decorating, and implementing – she helps them create houses, offices, and retail spaces that impress and inspire.

Need to incorporate some existing design elements, or bring together different styles and viewpoints? That’s no problem. Jill uses experience and creativity to find aesthetics that not only fit a room, but also the different people who will inhabit it.

Our team at Red Carrot Design is just what you need to revitalize your home or office. We can help you transform virtually any living or working space into a place you love. Our new clients often request from us:

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Interior Makeovers and Home or Office Redesign
Sometimes, the best way to update a new home or office is by making smart changes to the one you already own. Whether you just want a brighter-looking home, an office that’s more inviting, or a room that better reflects your personality, we’ll help you find your vision and bring it to life… all while working within a design budget you can live with.

Retail Makeovers
Every presentation detail of your retail space influences the way customers feel and act. With over 20 years of experience in Anchorage’s retail market, Jill knows what it takes to showcase your products. Anything regarding product placement, window display and interior decor. Why not make your store more inviting to improve sales by creating a fresh look?

View some of our recent interior decorating examples.