Spray Paint Posters

spray paint posters 3 ©2013 red carrot design

Last week, I participated in a local Guerrilla Poster Workshop in Anchorage. The event was organized by AIGA Alaska to support Covenant House Alaska (CHA), a local non profit organization that serves homeless and runaway youth.

At the workshop, organizers provided spray paint, paper and stencils for everyone to use. Each person at the event was tasked with creating a minimum of 2 posters. All of the spray paint posters were given to Covenant House Alaska donors as a thank you gift for supporting their organization.

This was my first time experimenting with spray paint and applying different colors, textures and objects to paper. Lots of analog fun and something I definitely will do again. Thank you AIGA Alaska!

My other poster designs:

spray paint posters 1 © 2013 red carrot design spray paint posters 2 © 2013 red carrot design