Spring is here so…Start weeding!

Spring cleaning means its time to clear the clutter

View of a cluttered closet

Spring has finally arrived and it is a great time to start cleaning. If you are like most of the population, myself included. You’ll find that we all tend to collect too much stuff over time. We acquire things for all kinds of reasons, from emotional to practical ones, but holding on to things past their usefulness can be harmful. Really you say?

The answer is absolutely! Just look at “Hoarders“, a television series on the A&E network, focused entirely on hording and the issues it causes. Watch one episode and you will forever be changed.

So, are there any areas in your home or office that need reorganizing?

It might be a room “packed to the gills”, a garage or even that over-stuffed drawer in the kitchen that refuses to close. Whatever the reason, now is the time to seize the moment and start making positive changes in your life.

As a designer and Feng Shui consultant, I often remind my clients that the first step to an improved space is “Clearing the clutter.” By weeding out the excess, we are making room for something new in our lives. The simple act of cleaning out a drawer or getting rid of those unused “When I get thin” clothes, will move the energy that has been stagnate. It’s like taking a morning walk on your favorite outdoor trail or sipping a warm drink on a chilly day.

Why not donate your excess to a favorite charity! With so many people in need, there are plenty of local organizations that would gladly accept your contributions. Here are a few of our local Alaska favorites Catholic Social Services, Bishop’s Attic, Salvation Army or The Arc of Anchorage.

By helping others, we are also helping ourselves. Get started today!