The Future of Architecture

“Why the buildings of the future will be shaped by … you” is an inspirational TED talk by architect, Marc Kushner. During his 18 minute TED talk, Kushner presents a 30 year perspective on the history of architecture and how it impacts our lives.

Kushner says “Architecture is not about math and its not about zoning. It’s about those visceral and emotional connections that we feel to the places we occupy.”

Kushner also describes some of the issues related to architectural projects. The slow process, the huge scale of projects and the disconnect with most end users of a building.

Some of the core issues and solutions that Kushner describes in his 18 minute TED talk. Could be applied to all creative design projects, big or small, in my option.

Whether you are designing a logo, building a home or making a product. The key to understanding and solving problems is with open communication.

Designing in a vacuum is never successful!

TED Book – “The Future of Architecture
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