Is our web service plan for the WordPress platform. The Denali web service plan is a monthly fee and includes:

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Secure Off-Site Backups:
Daily backup of your website files. Never worry, all website backups are stored off-site for safe keeping.


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Security Monitoring & Protection:
Daily malware and blacklist scanning, website firewall and denial of service protection. Protect your website from malicious code or bots


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Software Updates:
Weekly updates of  your website Content Management System (CMS) and plugin software. Keep your website software current and up to date.


The Denali web service plan is for maintenance only (backups, monitoring and software updates).

The Denali web service plan does not include design/development, programming, marketing or restoration cleanup services. If you require these additional services, they will be billed separately.

Protect your website asset from malware, hackers and malicious bots. Sign up today.